Case IH

Case IH represents more than 175 years of industry experience. With a global presence in more than 160 countries, we are recognized today as a global leader in powerful, reliable, and highly efficient equipment that helps professional farmers meet the challenges of modern farming.

Introducing the New Case IH HSLD Row Unit

With speeds up to 11 mph, the Nutri-Placer 930 fertilizer applicator with the new High-Speed Low Disturbance (HSLD) helps you cover acres fast and efficiently. In-field testing, the HSLD coulter provided better residue cover and a more lever surface finish than other style coulter-style applicators available. The Case IH HSDL properly seals the nutrients to lock each crop’s profit potential.

Nutri-Till 955-5310

The Nutri-Till 955-5310 system meets all conservation requirements while accomplishing key agronomic objectives.

  • Mainframe and A-frame are designed to handle the stress of the largest tractors and toughest conditions
  • Gauge wheels are located in-line to reduce stress during turns
  • Replaceable hubs and spindles ease maintenance and lower repair costs
  • A wide selection of coulter, shank mount, and sealer options allow you to choose a configuration that best fits your needs
  • Liquid tank option enables dual placement capability

    Nutri-Till® 930 Double Fold

    The largest pull-type applicator available in widths from 42.5ft to 47.5ft working width. 17-19 shanks on 30″ spacing.

    • The heaviest coulters in the industry manage residue easily.
    • Exclusive HCS™ (High Clearance Shank) provides holding power for even very difficult soil conditions.
    • Strip-till knife tills and raises soil into a berm while placing dry, liquid, and/or NH3 fertilizer.
    • The exclusive berm build’r™ attachment builds the ideal seedbed.
    • Optional berm condition’r™ baskets size clods, shape berms, and reduce holes.

      Nutri-Till® 930 Single Fold Pull-Type Applicator

      • Heavy-duty frame for increased toolbar strength.
      •  3-section flex for ground contouring.
      •  All-new rear hitch for simple, reliable hook-up.
      •  15-, 20-, & 30-inch (38 cm, 51 cm, 76 cm) row spacing.
      •  Hydraulic single point depth control.
      •  Easy leveling turnbuckles for wing wheel adjustments—double-fold units.
      •  Reduced service requirements.
      •  Proven, ground-engaging components for NH3 placement.
      •  Independent pivoting coulters.
      •  High, under-frame clearance.
      •  Choose the shank that’s right for your operation.
      •  Standard stubble-resistant tires.
      •  The liquid tank option enables dual placement of liquid and NH3 fertilizer.


      Nutri-Placr® 2800

      The Nutri-placr 2800 sidedresses liquid fertilizer where it’s needed, when it’s needed most.

      • The design maintains constant tongue weight, whether the tank is loaded or empty.
      • A sturdy, 3/4″ x 3″ injector/knife is mounted for positive injector placement.
      • High spring down pressure maintains consistent coulter depth.
      • Coulter bar and ground drive system are mounted in front of the tank for better visibility.


      NutriPlacr® 2800-16

      The Nutri-placr 2800-16 sidedresses liquid fertilizer faster with a wider application width of up to 15 rows and a 1,300-gallon tank!

      • Coulter bar and ground drive system are mounted in front of the tank for better visibility.
      • A sturdy 3/4″ x 3″ injector/knife is mounted for positive injector placement
      • The exclusive active hydraulic system keeps coulters at the desired operating depth.
      • Wings follow ground contours from 6° down and 30° up and raise 6° for extra clearance on turns.

        Nutri-Placr® 920 Pull-Type Liquid Fertilizer Applicator

        23 or 25 rows for significant productivity and to match 24-row planters

        • 23 or 25 rows for significant productivity and to match 24-row planters.
        •  Outer wings can be folded to 15 coulters to fit 16-row planters.
        •  High Capacity Jack Stand w/ 10″ x 10″ footprint.
        •  Narrow Hitch for tight turning radius.
        •  X-Wing Frame Fold for narrow transport width and low transport height.
        •  Forward mounted applicator frame for easy viewing of the applicator.
        •  5 section boom application capable.
        •  Applicator frame mounted to parallel arms for level lifting and lowering for better fertilizer placement.
        •  5 section flex with active down pressure for better fertilizer placement.
        •  Greaseless poly bushings in wing pivots for low maintenance.
        •  Frame strength and smooth gusseting for stress relief and long toolbar life.
        •  3″ Tank Fill easy to reach and away from any electronics.
        •  1650 gallon & 2000 gallon tank for more time in the field and less time filling.
        •  Low center of gravity tank for more stability.
        •  Front and Rear tank level sight gauge.
        •  Wash tank conveniently mounted near the product fill area.
        •  Hydraulic drive pump for better rate control and easier rate adjustment.
        •  Mount provided for section and rate control valves.
        •  High Capacity 420/80R46 tires for a larger footprint and less compaction.

        Nutri-Placr® 940 Pull-Type Applicator

        7-section fold, 5-section flex frame for ground contouring

        • 7-section fold, 5-section flex frame for ground contouring.
        •  High, under-frame clearance for residue flow.
        •  Heavy-duty running gear.
        •  23% increase in width.
        •  Matched capacity to largest tractors in the industry.
        •  Compatible with commodity air systems.
        •  Slim design for narrow transport; excellent roading.
        •  Proven, ground-engaging components for NH3 retention.
        •  Hydraulic, single-point depth control.
        •  Independent, pivoting coulters.
        •  15- and 30-inch (38 cm, 76 cm)row spacing.
        •  All-new rear hitch for simple, reliable hook-up.
        •  Easy leveling turnbuckles for fore/aft pitch and wing wheel adjustment.
        •  Reduced service requirements.
        •  Heavy frame tube.