Salford/Valmar Dry Application

The Salford Valmar Dry Application lineup allows producers and custom applicators new options for multi-product, multi-purpose, granular fertilizer, granular herbicide, and cover crop application before and during the growing season.

PATHFINDER ST-10 Salford Pathfinder 10-Ton cart and the ST-10 dual product applicator

More Accurate Fertilizer Blends
ST-10 models can carry two separate commodities with their 60/40 split tanks.  Blending is done right at the meter, rather than in the air line.  This ensures the most accurate blend possible.  The ST-10 has 2 separate tanks. 

Hydraulic Drive with ISOBUS Compatibility
ST-Series applicators use hydraulically driven systems.  Factory optional ECU’s allow for simple straight rate application or ISOBUS compatible variable rate application.

Match Your Working Width
 ST-Series applicators can be fitted with 8, 12, 16, 18, 20 and 24 metering runs and the primary air delivery lines can be split downstream to deliver up to 48 rows of product. 

Roller Metering
ST-Series applicators use peg roller meters, which excel at metering seed or fertilizer. Compared to auger metering these rollers offer greater accuracy, are less susceptible to plugging, are easier to change and do not grind product.  Peg rollers are equipped with brushes for self cleaning. Low rate rollers available for cover crop and micro nutrients.

Meter Removal and Clean out
A hopper slide gate and removable bottom makes emptying tanks quick and easy and meters simple to remove.

ST-10 – Poly, Individually Scaled Tanks & 4-Section Metering
The ST-10 offers new capabilities and new level of refinement.  Its new, light weight polymer bins are translucent and allow an additional visual indicator of the bin level along with standard bin level sensors.  The overall capacity of 10-tons of fertilizer is split between a forward 4-Ton tanks and rear 6-Ton tank – both of which can be scaled individually.  Large, easy to open lids and sloped sides makes filling with tender trucks simple and efficient.


Delivering Greater Capacity and Flexibility in a Commercial Pull-Type Spreader


Designed to meet the needs of large-scale farm businesses, the Salford Valmar Airflo 8700 is a high-capacity, pull-type spreader that delivers the highest rates of application currently available in a commercial spreader. Thanks to its advanced design, the Airflo 8700 delivers rates as high as 1,000 pounds per acre at 8 miles per hour, allowing you to finish large jobs faster than ever. 


The 8700’s extra-large, 260-cubic-foot hopper can carry up to eight tons of product (8708) or 357-cubic foot hopper carrying 11 tons of product (8711). The hopper itself is constructed of corrosion-resistant, painted 409 stainless steel and comes with a roll tarp installed.


The Valmar 8700 comes with a standard 60 foot row crop boom or 72 foot broadcast spread, allowing you to match boom width to your crop requirements. Booms are hydraulically folded and feature a sectional shut-off to allow application on the left or right side only. All booms are equipped with hydraulic boom suspension to allow the operator to adjust tip height and match field contours. Automatic folding, break-away tips are integrated within the fold and locking sequence and minimize damage that may occur from striking obstacles in the field.


Salford’s Valmar air boom applicators gently and accurately handle seed, fertilizer and other granular like herbicides. Equipped with 60 ft booms and drop tube kit, the 8700 delivers granular product on 30 inch centers.  Combined with row crop tire options the 8700 has the clearance to direct cover crops between rows of established corn crops.